Post-Punk duo Sleaford Mods confirmed for INmusic Festival 2022

The praised post-punk duo’s first Croatian show will take place in June 2022 as part of the long-awaited anniversary edition of INmusic festival!

‘Minimal and brutal’ – the most concise description of SLEAFORD MODS music. Founded by the polemical and political frontman Jason Williamson in 2007 in Nottingham, the first five SLEAFORD MODS albums were released in collaboration with Simon Parfrement who introduced Williamson to Andrew Fern, the dexterous production half of the now globally renowned duo.  Persistent and relentlessly focused on the bleak everyday life and problems plaguing the British working class, SLEAFORD MODS draw wider audience as well as the more attentive music critics attention in 2014 with their seventh studio release ‘Divide and Exit’ which draws a precise and unapologetic sketch of the other often hidden face of modern Britain with a blizzard of intelligent and nervously rhythmical lyrics backed by an absolutely minimal music background.

The charged and political duo quickly became the loud heralds of the British working class for who they create their ‘electronic munt minimalist punk-hop rants’ and after collaborations with The prodigy and Leftfield, they signed to Rough Trade Records followed by the release of their critically acclaimed 2017 ninth studio release ‘English Tapas’. ‘English Tapas’ are an even more precise insight into post-Brexit-referendum Great Britain, where they hold back no punches in addressing the ruling class, as well as the sense of self-importance and utter hypocrisy of the general society.

2019 saw the release of their equally lyrically and musically merciless tenth studio release ‘Eton Alive’ but it was the forthcoming social crisis of the coronavirus pandemic that will deliver an entirely new creative dimension of SLEAFORD MODS in their ‘State of Things’ chronicles of ‘Spare Ribs’, their 11th album released in January 2021.  Brutal truth, exposed to the bone, and devoid of any quick or easy fixes, makes ‘Spare Ribs’ the musical manifesto of an exhausted and demoralized pandemic society, and SLEAFORD MODS Mods the band times like these desperately require.

SLEAFORD MODS will join THE KILLERS, NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS, DEFTONES, ROYAL BLOOD, IDLES, WHITE LIES, FONTAINES D.C., GOGOL BORDELLO, AMADOU & MARIAM, HINDS, and many others at postponed edition of INmusic festival #15 which will take place at Zagreb’s lake Jarun, for the first time over four festival days, from June 20th to June 23rd, 2022.