Placebo confirmed for EDP Vilar de Mouros Festival 2022

There are groups that when they appear are absolutely defining the history of music. They arrive without warning, against the current, and are greeted by a wide fringe of music lovers with shouts of praise. That’s what happened to PLACEBO, a band that didn’t ask for permission to bypass Britpop and mold rock in their androgynous way and, with that, burst onto the charts around the world, selling more than 12 million albums to this day.

The list of iconic works, devoted pieces of alternative rock, hedonistic and lewd, is worthy of curtsy, earning the wide recognition from the industry that acclaimed Placebo in 2009 as “Best Alternative Band” at the MTV Europe Music Award. A consecration easily explained by the flurry of hits that were released disc after disc, making radio playlists tremble, surrendered to hits like “Nancy Boy”, “Every You Every Me”, “Without You I’m Nothing” – with the collaboration by David Bowie, clear inspiration from Molko – “Taste in Men”, the controversial “Special K” or the explosive “The Bitter End”.

These are some of the many fabrics that fill an immaculate career of more than twenty years, bulletproof and that has been collecting epic concerts in Portugal, a country always devoted to PLACEBO. The performance of Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal’s band at the oldest festival in the Iberian Peninsula is, therefore, one of the most awaited moments of this edition, spiced up by the promise of a new studio album – the second in the last ten years and eighth of originals of the career.