Indy rocker Boy Pablo plays Super Bock Super Rock 2022

Indy rock is alive and well and the best proof of it is the quality and authenticity of artists like BOY PABLO.

Born in Norway to Chilean parents, a young Nicolás Pablo Muñoz studied music in the Norwegian city of Oslo before he started writing his own songs and from the age of 17 he was consistently writing music. Things couldn’t have gone any better with the release of “Flowers” in 2016.

Some of the top qualities that are recognisable in today’s BOY PABLO’s music were already present back then, including his skillful song writing, rich harmonies, and melodies and lyrics sweet enough to touch the hardest of hearts. It wasn’t long before his name was associated with a few good teenage musicians and names such as Clairo, Cuco, Yellow Days and Rex Orange County. His debut EP came in 2017 and was published by 777 Records and included single “Everytime”, which went viral in no time.

Things then turned more serious for BOY PABLO and he formed a band which would allow him to perform his songs live. 2018 was the year that saw him tour outside Norway, with concerts in the US, Canada and some European countries. He released his second EP, Soy Pablo, in 2018. Singles “Losing you” and “Sick Feeling” reached millions of views on YouTube, which proves how teenagers and youngsters around the world identify with BOY PABLO’s artistic work.

Portugal will receive this young talent in the summer of 2021 as BOY PABLO will perform on 17th July 2021, on the EDP stage at Super Bock Super Rock.