The Hives, Hank Von Hell & Little Jinder to play Sweden’s Storsjöyran Festival

Karisma, decadence and flowing kajal! Storsjöyran Festival’s first artist release should please the fans THE HIVES, HANK VON HELL and LITTLE JINDER – Here we go!

In the 90’s punk and hardcore, THE HIVES embraced humor, attitude and handsome clothes. They already declared in the recreation room at the recreation center that they were the world’s best band. A self-fulfilling prophecy when they were soon to be! Howlin ‘Pelle and his men were named at the breakthrough of rock and had worldwide hits such as “Hate To Say I Told You So” and “Walk Idiot Walk”. They performed on the biggest American TV shows, won Grammy’s, P3 Gold and played with both The Rolling Stones and AC/DC.

With its Turbojugend (fans organised in hundreds of local associations around the world), Norway’s Turbonegro has no doubt the rock world’s most dedicated fans.

HANK VON HELL was not the band’s first singer and he did not become the last. But the six albums they made with him in the front coincide with the band’s greatness and is a heavily weighty reason for Turbonegro’s cult status. HANK VON HELL was also almost synonymous with everything that made the band to what they were – Provocative, dangerous, funny and extremely charismatic.

Eight years ago, he left the band and swore never to return. He left a Hope Hell-shaped hole behind him that no-one could fill until now. Back from the dead he is here again with a solo perfectly titled album “Egomania”. It was preceded by the single “Bum To Bum” which declared exactly what he intended to do with his comeback, namely “shake ass and do what you’re supposed to do”.

LITTLE JINDER is Sweden’s foremost rock star. An assertion that might puzzle some puritan rockers, but then you might not have taken much of the essence of rock. Josefin Jinder throws herself into her music and concerts in the same self-burning, skinless and passionate way as Iggy Pop, Little Richard or Lemmy Kilmister ever did. But she does it but a modern way, advancing music that has exactly zero to do with nostalgia.

LITTLE JINDER is here and now, no other Swedish artist catches the moment like her. May it be with her just finished album trilogy, her outlaid instagram account or her role as so much better at least dazzling participants ever. Songs like White Mountain Bells, Super8, and Heartbreaker are honest hits from a burning heart.