Slipknot, Halestorm, Zeal & Ardor and more ready for Copenhell 2023

COPENHELL adds SLIPKNOT as a headliner as well as 8 other hard and heavy bands to next year’s festival poster!

The masked maniacs from SLIPKNOT return to COPENHELL following their excellent seventh studio album, ‘The End, So Far’. Everyone who has experienced this band live knows how infectious the atmosphere is! The carefully staged madness that plays out when the band whips their ’maggot’ fan base into a frenzy is wild and intoxicating, and their insane and unpredictable music sweeps everyone off their feet. The band razed COPENHELL’s main stage completely with an incredibly powerful concert in 2019, and organisers are proud to welcome one of the greatest current metal acts back to the festival in 2023!

Slipknot headline Copenhell Festival Denmark 2023

HALESTORM came out of the corona pandemic’s shadow with a vengeance with their eminent 2022 spring release ’Back From The Dead’, which sounds mostly like they went all the way down to the lowest floors of hell and returned. The band’s insisting and gripping rock has got an even harder edge and together with the pummelling beats and sharp riffs, Lzzy Hale’s majestic vocals convey an otherworldly rage that we look forward to experiencing live at COPENHELL when they return to the festival.

ZEAL & ARDOR was originally the result of a dare aimed at frontman and mastermind Manuel Gagneux, but turned into a completely unique artistic project across three album releases that combine African-American spirituals with black metal in an unprecedented musical crossover that is inspired by everything from southern blues rock to industrial. It is demonic and innovative music that demand something from its listeners – and gives back tenfold! Manuel Gagneux also wrote and recorded the music for the atmospheric COPENHELL 2023 launch cartoon.

SATURNUS is a true institution on the Danish metal scene, having created enormous respect around themselves and their mastery of the doom metal genre through more than 30 years. Their music is atmospheric and sombre and evokes intense feelings of melancholy and loneliness. It is slow, lingering and heavy – and devilishly musical!

The Australian outfit SKYND brings os into a entirely new corner of the rock genre with their dark aesthetic, heavy electro-industrial sound and true crime-inspired lyrics. They play hyper-modern horrorcore shock rock with heavy beats, crazy electronic vocal effects and catchy phrases that revolve around terrible crimes and force us to think about them. A concert that will hurt in the right way.

The Los Angeles quintet TOUCHÉ AMORÉ plays intense and extremely emotional post-hardcore. Frontman Jeremy Bolm’s versatile screamo vocals carry the hectic, punked music far across the edge of the stage, reaching into the audience’s hearts with a lyrical universe focused on relatable themes about sorrow and loss.

The new Danish quintet IOTUNN is a genre bastard that plays progressive cosmic power metal with elements of both death, thrash and black metal. It is grandiose music with a broad palette of inspirational sources that folows a tight and melodic concept on a high technical level.

The new Portuguese black metal band GAEREA may only have two releases behind it so far, but its icy cold cacophonic noise nightmare has already been hailed by several observers as some of the best music from the new generation within the genre. We will not be surprised if the gates to hell actually end up opening in Copenhagen during this concert.

In almost no time, LAMENTARI has established itself very convincingly on the Danish metl scene with their symphonic black metal. Think Behemoth meets Rachmaninov, and you have the monumental and passionately angry sound that will crush this band’s audience. The band has given impressive performances at both COPENHELL Metal Cruise and When COPENHELL Freezes Over – and organisers look forwad to welcoming the hooded cultists to COPENHELL 2023!