Nightwish, Wardruna, Hammerfall and Aura Noir join the Tons of Rock festival 2023 line up!

Norway’s biggest festival served the audience a gift package with headliners GHOST and PANTERA recently and today they follow up with another wild Nordic artist release!

Directly from a packed Oslo Spektrum just before the country closed again in autumn 2021, we find Finnish band NIGHTWISH, who make a long-awaited Tons of Rock debut.

“We could hardly have had a much better reopening of Oslo Spektrum” said Blezt about the concert in Spektrum.

WARDRUNA on the other hand, have become one of Norway’s biggest music exports and their popularity has exploded after they also contributed the soundtrack to the hit series Vikings. In the summer, they top the bill at several festivals around the USA and Europe and bring a unique and exclusive show when we meet the band again at Ekebergsletta.

We stay in the Nordics for the next band as well and go to Sweden and their power metal heroes in HAMMERFALL. After they were actually supposed to play in 2020 and 2021 and did not appear on the poster last year, it is an extra great pleasure to welcome them in 2023!

A band that doesn’t have to travel as far to get to Ekebergsletta is AURA NOIR. They last played at Tons of Rock back in 2015 and have since given us the fabulous album Aura Noire. This will be deliciously pitch dark!