Testament, Jinjer, Clutch and more for Into The Grave festival 2023

Into The Grave festival organisers have seen a lot of big festivals announce bands over the past few days, so they didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer for new names!

At Into The Grave you don’t have to have stress or run to a stage a kilometer away, in other words, not a massive impersonal event, but a cozy small-scale festival! They have two stages with super cool bands and make it a great party at the Oldehove. Let’s face it, what’s more metal than a metal festival in a former graveyard?

So here we go with the latest new bands:

Thrash metal legends TESTAMENT
The Ukrainian progressive metalcore gem JINJER
Groove Masters CLUTCH
Death metal supergroup BLOODBATH
Sweden’s best progressive export product EVERGREY
Metalcore technicians BORN OF OSIRIS
Indian folk metal from BLOODYWOOD
Former Gloryhammer vocalist ANGUS MCSIX
Fierce Spanish thrash metal by ANGELUS APATRIDA
Melodic death metal from OMNIUM GATHERUM
Classic rock perfectly flavored by THE VINTAGE CARAVAN
Refined black metal diamond VREID
Chunky death metal moshers JUNGLE ROT
Grave rhythms and grim doom riffs from FAMYNE
Vicious thrashers XENOS

And there is still more to come – stay tuned!

Into The Grave Festival 2023 new bands poster