Miss Li, Moonica Mac and Ellen Krauss to play Storsjöyran festival 2020 in Sweden

MISS LI’s “Live Now Die Then” notes one of her greatest successes in her career and can already be counted as one of the songs that will mark 2020. On Friday 31st July she will visit Östersund and Storsjöyran festival and she will be joined by MOONICA MAC and ELLEN KRAUSS who both make their debut at the festival.

MISS LI’s driven piano pop has a foundation in blues, jazz, cabaret and folk music but has increasingly moved towards modern pop as made for the charts. In her music and style she combines seamless retro aesthetics and an immediate new feeling.

Since the debut single 2017, MOONICA has comforted many broken hearts. With text lines as accurate as poetic and a voice described as supernatural, MOONICA shows us the beauty of the melancholy, the strength of the fragile and the hopeful in the dark.

The debut album “Strong & Vulnerable” was released in November 2019 and has since been widely praised by both fans and the media. Not infrequently her expression has been likened to Monica Zetterlund’s greatness and voice. In the spring, MOONICA MAC is touring in support of Yranaktuella Miss Li and now it is clear that the shooting of the stars is also linked to Östersund this summer.

19-year-old singer / songwriter comet ELLEN KRAUSS accomplishes a lot with a small budget. So convincing that in 2018 she was named Rookie of the Year at the Denniz Pop Awards even before she had a record debut. In addition, she has managed to land a deal with BMG in the US, within the space of three weeks getting a million Spotify plays of the debut single The One I Love and this summer opened to Laleh at three concerts.

The fact that ELLEN KRAUSS has the songs, the voice, the presence, the courage and the ability to touch with deeply personal songs indicates that she is meeting a bright future.