Limp Bizkit, The Prodigy, Cypress Hill & more for Provinssi Festival 2019

Provinssi have announced the first names in its line up for year 2019, and the early bird tickets are now for the cheaper price until new years eve 31.12.2018. The three day festival will be celebrated at Törnävänsaari, Seinäjoki on June 27th – 29th.
Nu metal icons LIMP BIZKIT are known for their intense and loud live energy. With smash hits such as “Rollin´”, ”Take A Look Around” ja “Break Stuff” the US-based band is guaranteed to get Provinssi audience going wild. LIMP BIZKIT are currently working on a new album to be released in 2019.
British electro music superstars THE PRODIGY are one of the most significant musical influencers of all times. Their latest album “No Tourists” was released earlier this autumn introducing band’s even more violent sound.
West Coast rap pioneer CYPRESS HILL have operated more than three decades mixing psychedelia to heavy hip hop sounds. The band released their long awaited 8th full-length studio album “Elephants on Acid” this autumn. Defining their status with rap anthems such as “Insane in the Brain”, Cypress Hill have also made history as the first Latino American hip hop group to sell platinum.
BRING ME THE HORIZON are performing their long-awaited show in Finland and where else than at Provinssi. One of the most anticipated bands in Provinssi´s history are releasing new album “Amo” early next year. 

Provinssi Festival 2019 Finland first acts poster

Celtic punk band FLOGGING MOLLY are returning to Provinssi after three years of waiting. The band will be performing sold out club shows in Finland later this winter. Modern metal group LAMB OF GOD and Swedish progressive metal band CULT OF LUNA are adding heavier sound to Provinssi´s line up.
Domestic headliners include most popular Finnish rap band JVG, popstar SANNI and punk group APULANTA. Festival organisers are also pleased to introduce VILLE VALO & AGENTS! Ville Valo is best most known for his previous band, love metal group HIM, and currently Mr. Valo is collaborating with legendary Finnish band Agents.
Psychedelic rock band KINGSTON WALL BY JJYLLI, KUOPPIS & VHB (Von Hertzen Brothers) are making a phenomenally successful tour with sold out shows all around Finland next spring. Provinssi is one of their only festival performances.
Singer-songwriters ANNA PUU and ELLINOORA along with rap group GASELLIT and indie/electro pop super group RUUSUT, featuring members of bands such as Disco Ensemble, The Hearing and Hisser to name a few, are completing Provinssi’s genre-free and versatile line up.