Arkona, Borknagar and Utmarken confirmed for Sabaton Open Air Festival 2019

Moscow’s ARKONA is the next addition to the ever more exciting lineup for Sabaton Open Air.

Founded in 2002 by frontwoman Masha “Scream”, this folk metal band tells tales from ancient Slavic mythology and blends traditional Russian instruments with their sound.

Singing purely in their native language, ARKONA has brought awareness of their Russian heritage to the worldwide metal community in a way that few bands from their country have ever achieved.

Most metal bands start life by playing small gigs and scraping together a demo… but when you boast a superstar lineup of artists from well-known bands, it’s ok to skip that part and go straight to making epic albums and wowing fans around the world.

That’s exactly what happened with BORKNAGAR, the progressive black metal supergroup launched by Øystein G. Brun in Bergen in 1996. The band has included members of such genre-defining acts as Gorgoroth, Immortal, Enslaved and Arcturus.

With 10 studio albums to date, including a highly-experimental acoustic effort, BORKNAGAR is sure to deliver an unforgettable show for Sabaton Open Air.

And now for something completely different… with UTMARKEN – a blend of hard rock and folk metal hailing from the northernmost reaches of Sweden.
Founded in 2015 they are relative newcomers to the metal scene, but they bring a distinctive sound that’s in part thanks to the traditional Swedish nyckelharpa.

Music fans will get a rare view of this unusual instrument in action when UTMARKEN takes the stage at Sabaton Open Air 2019.