Yves Tumor, Floating Points, Dirtyphonics & Angèle confirmed for Dour Festival

If Sam Shepard, aka FLOATING POINTS, knows exactly how to play with our emotions through muffled percussion, light electronic layers and imponderable jazz chords, it’s because the man is a doctor of neuroscience and he knows the secrets of our brains. A scientist, but above all, an artist, the British co-founder of the formidable label Eglo Records signalled a ground-breaking new arrival on Ninja Tune when he released the magnificent Crush, his best album to date.

He is back for #dour2020 where he will deliver a live performance on the 19th July!

Mixing pop structures, lyrics referring to oppression and love and lobotomising sounds, YVES TUMOR’S music is one of the deepest thing we had the chance to discover lately.

The American producer will be performing live at #dour2020 on the 17th July!

Few French bass music artists enjoy such renown as the duo DIRTYPHONICS.

Formed of Pitchin and Charly, with their 15-year career including shows at Coachella and Rampage, and remixes for the likes of Skrillex and Marilyn Manson, the group can boast of being amongst the best of their genre in France. A melting pot of drum’n’bass and dubstep with metal influences, DIRTYPHONICS’ music is filled with a raw energy that lends itself perfectly to headbanging – and their latest EP, Scars (2019), is no exception.

Dirtyphonics will perform its LIIVE project at Dour Festival on the 18 July 2020!

After a sold-out tour, ANGÈLE, who has become an international icon since her last appearance at the Dour Festival Last Arena in 2018, will return next summer for her only 2020 festival performance in Belgium! This is the first time that a French-speaking Belgian artist has headlined the biggest French-speaking Belgian festival.

You’d have to have been living under a rock to have missed the phenomenon that is ANGÈLE this year. As an author, composer, producer and musician, this young girl from Brussels has created smash hits out of each of her tracks, as she alternates between political engagement and self-mockery.

Dour Festival has always had a relationship of loyalty with young artists from the Belgian music scene. Already making a name for herself two years ago with the release of her first album “Brol”, a certified diamond album, the singer from Brussels soon became unmissable, and so it was only logical that organisers should invite her back to the festival’s biggest stage.