US rockers The Pretty Reckless confirmed for Rock For People Festival 2022

US rockers THE PRETTY RECKLESS have been faithful to studded leader jackets and metal horns since 2009, but their energetic music has secured them a huge following from all over the place. Taylor Momsen’s persuasive vocals draw instant attention; moreover fans also know her from her as an actress from the comedy series Gossip Girl as well as Gus Van Sant’s arthouse hit Paranoid Park.

THE PRETTY RECKLESS opened for Soundgarden on their last tour and it is their (and Pearl Jam’s) drummer Matt Cameron who the band is working with on new material. The not yet announced album will follow the catchy tunes of Who You Selling For from 2016. Momsen has also affirmed her kinship with Soundgarden when she participated on the Chris Cornell tribute – the sharp riffs and bluesy fatalism of her band’s songs walk together with Cornell’s music after all.