First confirmations for Down The Rabbit Hole 2022

Down The Rabbit Hole will return to the Green Hills in Beuningen in 2022. After all, there is no better place than the beloved lakeside natural paradise to finally let your soul and bliss run wild again. Park your sleeping bag, take a dip and meander through the woods, past fields and roads where headliners, hot comers and hidden festival gems await.

Hotspots such as Hotot, Teddy Widder and Fuzzy Lop are of course present, as are Avant Garden, Surf Shack, the Idyllic Veldje, the Vuige Veld and The Swamp. But there is also a lot of new to discover: Tramontana can now be found at the brand new open-air theater and just around the corner you can get lost in Bermuda in a never-before-seen art collection. If you look closely, you can see Rex standing against the edge of the forest in the distance; a new sweltering buzz club where groundbreaking DJs and producers shoot electronic bangers from afternoon to late at night. And that’s just the beginning, because we all have something to catch up on!

Get ready to tumble: today we fly off the starting blocks with the first 32 confirmations – Check out the poster below!

Down the Rabbit Hole 2022 first poster