Tindersticks celebrate their 30th anniversary at Colors of Ostrava 2022!

The irresistible melodic rock band TINDERSTICKS will come to Colors of Ostrava as part of a tour to celebrate 30 years of their existence. The anniversary will be celebrated by the TINDERSTICKS on March 25th with the release of Past Imperfect: The Best of Tindersticks ’92 -’21, which is accompanied by the as yet unreleased song Both Sides of the Blade!

When you go through the encyclopedia of rock melodies, sooner or later you will come across TINDERSTICKS from Nottingham, UK, a guarantor of grief of noble origin with the effects of opium. For thirty years, the senses have been opening, opening the chamber rock music we listen to to remember how bad we sometimes felt. The gloom to cry, carried into the melodramatic voice of the singer and almost exclusive lyricist Stuart A. Staples, mixes with it a hopeful romanticism and tender beauty that resonates in the silence, during which trees are said to fall to the ground, and we will not hear it anyway.

TINDERSTICKS are often compared to Nick Cave, who at the beginning of their careers well estimated the power of emotional, free-flowing songs with a soundtrack mood and took them on tour, the reputation of cult rock melancholy, long cut off from direct comparison with anyone, but the TINDERSTICKS achieved : without undermining and thoughts of mass success. They have always belonged to concert halls rather than stadiums.

They’ve never reached any awards since 1991, when they renamed themselves from Asphalt Ribbons after a box of matches found by Staples on a beach in Greece to TINDERSTICKS, but they recorded many critically acclaimed albums and the fans literally adore them. French director Claire Denis, who helped the TINDERSTICKS complete eight films with her music, once aptly described them: “A strange combination of violence and lyricism.” : The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith on the Pioneer of Cinematography. The group’s compositions have also appeared in other films or television series, such as The Sopranos.