The Minds of 99 added to the NorthSide Festival 2022 line up!

There can be no doubt that THE MINDS OF 99 is Denmark’s most popular band, and the massive audience demand also testifies to this!

The group started their career way back in 2014 and has for seven years worked their way up to the absolute top of Danish music equipped with an indomitable joy of playing and songs so good that the whole of Denmark sings along.

The five childhood friends have an impressive number of gold and platinum records on their CV, which also includes five Danish Music Awards, a P3 Gold Award, nine GAFFA Awards and four Steppe Wolf Awards to name a few of their many achievements.

The biggest proof of THE MINDS OF 99’s strength, however, is not the number of awards that a handful of industry professionals think they deserve, but rather the more than 178 million streams, each representing a music fan’s desire to set one of their numbers on. For a band that primarily sings in their mother tongue in a country with only six million inhabitants, 178 million plays is perhaps the greatest proof of the Danes’ insatiable urge for the sound of The Minds of 99.

If you were on the NorthSide in 2019, you must have been well buried in the bar or deeply lost in silent disco for not noticing THE MINDS OF 99 legendary performance. And if you, like thousands of other fans, were in the crowd that Saturday night, we dare to bet a really big draft beer that the concert still shines brightly like a sun in your memory.

In the middle of the crowd, lead singer Niels Brandt suddenly rose several meters into the air bathed in red light, while the tones of “Solkongen” sounded all over Ådalen. It was an emotional moment that reached another epic height, when he subsequently found his way to the stage with crowdsurf to collective “Young Knife” common song.

With the 2019 nostalgia sitting throughout the body, it’s not hard to understand that NorthSide fans have singled out THE MINDS OF 99 as the band they’ll most want to see when the festival finally returns in 2022.

But it is not only the Aarhus fans who have thrown their love over the five musicians from Copenhagen. When NorthSide met the band prior to their concert in 2019, Niels Brandt revealed that they also have a very special bond with the Aarhus crowd.

In Aarhus, they always bring the energy. Of course we also bring the energy. But Aarhus is one of the wildest cities to perform in, and where the audience behaves most rowdy. People take off their clothes, they make mosh-pits, all that. It happens all over the country, but especially a lot here!

Niels Brandt

Northside festival looks forward to creating new memories with their fans and THE MINDS OF 99 in Eskelunden this summer!