The Legendary New Order to play NorthSide Festival 2019 in Denmark

One of the world’s most prominent indie bands will play in Aarhus for the first time in 32 years.

For four decades, English group NEW ORDER has been one of the world’s most influential bands who have managed to combine numerous hits and success among critics to inspire names like Radiohead, Pet Shop Boys, The Killers, LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire. NEW ORDER has since 1981 released more than 40 singles, and songs like “Blue Monday”, “True Faith”, “World in Motion”, “Regret” and “Crystal” are just a handful of their huge hits that are classics in day. The leading band has over the years stood high on the wish list of the festival’s audience, and now it has finally succeeded in placing legendary NEW ORDER among the main names of NorthSide.

The story of the NEW ORDER starts in 1976 with the formation of Joy Division. But only three years after Ian Curtis’ tragic death in 1980, his colleagues from the Joy Division could celebrate the release of their newest 12 “single band. With “Blue Monday” NEW ORDER had definitely left the dark past behind and marked itself as one of the most important bands in the new wave of names that blended rock with electronic music. Since then, Bernard Sumner and the rest of the NEW ORDER have released dozens of hits and marked themselves as a strong and highly sought after name.

NEW ORDER has been very high on the wish list for NorthSide for a long time, and organisers are really happy that they are now on the poster. It is also a very desirable band among our guests, and you can actually say that they are a perfect NorthSide name. If you ask former main names such as Radiohead, Arcade Fire or The Stone Roses about their sources of inspiration, they will mention NEW ORDER, emphasising how important they have been over the last four decades. The band has not played in Aarhus since 1987, so organisers think it is high time for them to come back!

NEW ORDER will play NorthSide 2019 on Friday June 7th.