The Killers confirmed at Colors of Ostrava 2021!

Festival organisers are very happy to confirm American rock superstars THE KILLERS again for next year!

Next year in July, a band will come to Ostrava that has sold over 28 million albums in its career, won countless music nominations or awards (including the Q Awards, Brit Awards and Grammy) and their thrilling concerts sell out stadiums and the largest festivals around the world. At the same time, the band is currently preparing a new album Imploding The Mirage.

Today, THE KILLERS is one of the world’s biggest stadium rock hits. In addition, they got their once randomly chosen name, and they really don’t have to prove to anyone that they are among the absolute festival killers.

And starting with the debut album Hot Fuss from 2004, he is also one of the authors of hit songs that everyone knows, even if they don’t want to. On Mr. Brightside, Somebody Told Me or All These Things That I’ve Done gradually became more like a snowball – for example Human with the unforgettable chorus question “Are we human or dancers?” With little exaggeration, therefore, the audience is able to for THE KILLERS to sing perhaps the whole concert.

They do not belong to one generation and are one of the few bands that survived the wave of indie rock without losing a flower, despite long pauses they have become even more in demand and Prince Harry, Bono or director Tim Burton join them. Brandon sees this as repaying the kindness of the music that gave him so much.

I think it can simply be explained by having songs. I always consider songs as the basis and essence of everything, because a good song is surrounded by something as if a new world has materialised – Ronnie Vannucci – drummer

“I want you to leave at the end of the concert with the feeling that these bastards have done it!” shouted Brandon to the crazy crowd at Glastonbury 2019, where THE KILLERS arrived as the main headliner. We know how it turned out – the festival was literally at their feet. And it won’t be different at Colors of Ostrav 2021, there’s no need to doubt that. In addition, it is quite possible that they will come with a new album… What more could you want!