The Chemical Brothers, Sigur Ros and Pendulum confirmed for Electric Castle 2023

Important names from big beat, drum and bass, electro, punk rock or post-rock will be next year at Electric Castle. Artists with significant experience, who are at the top, and a variety of newcomers to be discovered on their path to success.

Any band with more than three decades of experience can be labelled as “nostalgia”. When it comes to THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS, this can only be told about hits like “Block Rockin Beats”, “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” and “Galvanize”, the ringtones of all the teenagers at the mid of the 2000s, when this was considered a proof of success. When it comes to their new albums and singles, things are different.

At Electric Castle, they will bring LP9, “No Geography”, an album awarded as „Best Electronic/Dance Album” at the Grammy’s in 2019 and acclaimed by all the critics. While many artists look in the past for inspiration, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS won’t stop their flow. The new album includes old-school elements as well, but smoothly integrated, making it, overall, a fresh experience. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cover hits as well. It’s a complex material, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS in a fun and smart version, one of those you can’t stop listening to.

SIGUR ROS’S show in 2016 was one of the few moments that brought the rain to Bonțida and drove it away as well. The strings’ vibrations made the clouds rumble, but Jonsi’s voice made peace with Thor. The Icelandic band will come back the next year, ten years after the launch of their last album. They still released some experiments, but not one discographic material. Perfect, chances are we will hear some fresh materials at EC9.

Talking about comebacks, PENDULUM is a name that was present on the first Electric Castle line-up. Ofc, then it was a DJ Set. This time they will be in full formula, after a break of more than 10 years. A legendary drum and bass band, PENDULUM played in 2022 at some European festivals, a good spoiler for their fans, and all of those who saw them at Reading can confirm that we will witness an incredible show at Electric Castle, one that is worth waiting for more than 10 years.

GEORGE EZRA, one of the most successful singer-songwriters, prepares a set for the romantics among us, those who compose their love declarations under the starry sky, or cloudy, in Bonțida. After reaching success with “Budapest”, the title of the best-selling solo artist album in the UK followed, in 2019, and “Gold Rush Kid”, launched this year, brings together both mainstream vibes and personal, emotional and therapeutical songs.

IGGY POP was described in many ways, but we can all agree that he is a legend. From the beginning of his career, as part of The Stooges, a band that influenced all the rock bands from the ‘40s, till his friendship with David Bowie, which led to legendary albums at the end of the ‘70s, and his memorable presence on stage, Iggy saw and did them all. And when he realised this, he found new ways to push more. “The Passenger” will make a stop at Electric Castle in 2023. 

The first wave of artists from the line-up also includes names such as PEGGY GOU, NOTHING BUT THIEVES, ROMY, the voice of the legendary The xx, who’s working on her first solo materials after launching the electro-trance-pop single “Strong” with Fred Again.., MEUTE, a combination of techno and brass band, TASH SULTANA, a one-woman-band that started on the streets of Melbourne and NOVA TWINS, a British duo of alternative rock that was acclaimed by Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine. Their first album “Supernova” was released this year and nominated for the Mercury Awards.

There will also be a night dedicated to Hospital Records, when NETSKY, METRIK, FLAVA D and ANAIS will mix.

Electric Castle Festival Romania 2023 first poster