Swiss festival Open Air Gränichen announces first bands for 2023!

What do Swiss metalheads and punks have in common? They drag themselves and their camping equipment to Open Air Gränichen in the canton of Aargau to drink together and listen to deafening music, hoho!

The announcement begins with FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES, featuring everything from aggressive outbursts, reflective lyrics to more ‘classic’ punk rock tones. However, the performance of the singer Frank Carter is particularly outstanding, because he is an expressive live performer who will definitely be remembered after you see the show!

They are closely followed by TERROR from the USA. If you love stage dives and mosh pits, you shouldn’t miss TERROR because this band has been cultivating their legendary HC punk sound for a long time, with a lot of endurance and noise. After many changes within the band, only vocalist Scott Vogel and drummer Nick Jett have been with the band from the start. However, all members of the band have more than enough experience on stage, having found their way to TERROR from not too unknown bands like Carry On or Slugfest. Hardcore kids, you know them and you know what to expect!

Also well-known and deafeningly loud is the third band in the line-up: LANDMVRKS. What they love and live is a mixture of metalcore, hardcore punk and punk rock with hip hop influences. The band has worked its way up to international fame through the rising French and Metalcore scene in France and can now also be seen more and more at festivals. For the few who don’t know them yet: These revolutionaries grab their audience with melodic basic structures, heavy breakdowns and versatile vocals, which range from deep death growls to a hoarse singing voice.

Catchy melodies, hardcore punk tempo and a good dose of criticism of society and politics, that’s what GOOD RIDDANCE shows us. Influenced by bands like Black Flag, Sick of it all and Bad Religion, the Californian street fighters roamed the stage until 2007 and first shocked their fanbase with a breakup before celebrating a comeback in 2012.

In addition to punk and hardcore, the festival also offer some post-hardcore, of course, with FJØRT. The three-piece band from Aachen tells us a lot, but mainly the problem of rising German right-wing populism. FJØRT thunders across the stage with energetic and German-language lyrics in a post-hardcore style. The latest and still very fresh album «Nothing» also brings other vocal and instrumental surprises; from post-rock delay parts to heavy and drum-oriented dark hardcore parts, the group experiments with different influences.

A classic old-school punk band with four chords should not be missing, but it never gets boring! GRADE 2, who hail from the Isle of Wight in England, got together as teenagers and started small in local bars and clubs they played covers of better known bands like The Stranglers and Booze and Glory and then each other slowly relocated with bigger bands like the Dropkick Murphys to more well-known locations with larger audiences. Beer, everyday worries and politics can be found in their songs and will not disappoint any listener who is enthusiastic about such topics!

If you’re thirsty for Black Metal, SVALBARD will know how to satisfy. The fearless quartet from Bristol knows no poetry, no ambiguity, just direct, blunt honesty. Some of the uncomfortable issues tackled head-on by the group are sexual harassment, revenge porn, and the exploitation of unpaid internships. Their lyrics are accompanied by euphoric black metal, post-rock, post-hardcore and hardcore influences.

The representatives of psychedelic stoner rock in Switzerland? CARSON! The trio will let the perfect mixture of distorted guitar sound, rolling drums, oppressive bass and catchy vocal melodies rush through our ears and brains in the Moortal. Among the most popular bangers are Drown the Witness, Pissing in the Wind and Chlorine boogie.

The charming little sister of the angry older brother. That’s how THE HIGH TIMES describe themselves and it’s also reflected in their music; Energetic, melodic and with a female angelic voice. The best choice if you want to be gently slapped in the face. The ‘flowery’ punk sound of the quartet from Zurich was influenced on the one hand by old legends like Blondie and Pretenders, but also by fresher bands like Replacements and Sheer Mag sprinkle friendly noise in the moor valley.

A bit of headbanging, a bit of screaming, and also a bit of revolution and anti-imperialism across all borders… That’s PATH OF RESURGENCE. The 90’s metalcore and hardcore band formed at the beginning of the Corona pandemic and have since screamed their way through a number of Swiss locations and will continue to scream for their demo, EP and album. The group from Lausanne, consisting of Marion (vocals), Romain (drums), Tim (bass) and Pierre (guitars), oppose capitalism, patriarchy and gender inequality with angry noise.

Open Air Granichen 2023 first poster