Anti-Flag, Nothing More, Bury Tomorrow & more for Rock For People 2023

BURY TOMORROW belongs to the modern metal top. This bunch from Hampshire, UK, has long been one of the UK’s most successful metal exports, performing on the stages of virtually every major European festival, amassing millions of YouTube views, twice topping the UK’s Top 40 albums chart and selling tens of thousands of tickets to their energetic shows. They combine passion, precision, and uncompromising aggression that have become the band’s hallmark.

BURY TOMORROW have never been a fashion favorite, had a swept path, or had the media roll out the red carpet for them. Yet they’re being talked about more and more. Bury Tomorrow has etched itself into metal history with six excellent albums to its credit and great shows.

Resistance, anger, frustration towards global social issues, and many other important topics that we often overlook. Perhaps that’s how the music of American punk-rockers ANTI-FLAG could be summed up in a few words. They have been shouting all of the above to the world with commitment for over thirty years.

The band was formed in 1988 and has had many musicians rotate in and out of the drummer and guitarist positions since that. But the two founding members, Justin Sane and Pat Thetic are stalwarts of the group. 1996 saw the release of their first album, Die For the Government. Their third album, A New Kind of Army, contains themes of abortion, political corruption, racism, and brutality. For the release of this album, they also explained the band’s name – it does not mean anti-American, but anti-war. It means it is better to live in peace and togetherness. ANTI-FLAG means unity.

Rock audiences rank NOTHING MORE as one of the most popular bands, straddling the line between populism and intimacy at every performance. The San Antonio, Texas-born quartet, builds unspectacularly massive anthems out of catchy melodies. Crowd-pleasing hits make room for heady emotionality.

Hawkins and Vollelunga formed the band in 2003 and were soon joined by bassist Daniel Oliver and later drummer Ben Anderson. The blend of explosive bombast and polished storytelling resulted in a half-dozen Top 10 singles at mainstream rock radio, including the hit single “Go to War,” which went to number one and the song of the decade on Sirius XM Octane. The Stories We Tell Ourselves album earned three Grammy nominations. In 2022 they followed it up with a new album, Spirits, which is full of their most philosophical and primitive music yet.

If you haven’t heard of band BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUT, get ready for a whiff of nostalgia. With mentoring from blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and support from Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, this trio simply sounds like the pop punk you’ll remember from the good old days. In a pretty short period they were able to release EP BOYS DO CRY and just this year they have released their debute album We Made Plans & God Laughed which also contains track ALMOST FAMOUS with mentioned Mark Hoppus. If you google these fellas don’t be surprised when you come across the Grease musical. The band liked a name of one of the songs in the musical because their grandma is a big fan of it so it simply sticked with them. Don’t expect the Grease music though – the trio describes their music as sticky, heavy and loud!

The legendary Slovak band HORKÝŽE SLÍŽE celebrated 30 years on the music scene in 2022. During a career full of success, they have built a solid position on the Slovak and Czech music scene, selling out clubs and sports halls with their headline concerts and appearing at festivals as a leading representative of the Czechoslovak rock scene. Slíže has played over 2000 concerts, released 15 albums, has over 100 million views on YouTube, and a few years ago was voted the second most popular Slovak band in the Slavík poll.

Hits such as Malá Žužu, Silný refrén, Nazdar!!!, R’n’B Soul or A já sprostá are legendary nowadays, and the band has proven several times that they have their place in the RfP lineup, and they get along with the Rock for People audience pretty well. So nazdar!