St Agnes, Infected Rain, SWMRS Added to the Rock For People line up

Despite their vibrant noise, INFECTED RAIN is a band you want to see not just hear. It’s thanks to their prominent front girl Lena Scissorhands who’s singing about not being daddy’s girl and little princess anymore. She is a grown-up girl now who found her meaning of life. Although in the hearts of many fans she stays a beautiful and especially outrageous metal princess.

The band has released 3 albums since their beginning in 2008 and have traveled throughout whole Europe. She comes here quite often from her home in Moldavia but it’s her premiere at Rock for People. Is a mix of female screaming, heavy riffs, singing melodies and samples appealing to you as well?

Next up is ST AGNES – This foursome from East London has taken our breath away at this year’s showcase festival Nouvelle Prague. Without any discussion, it was the best concert of the event. The creative and energetic show, that was entertaining everybody from the beginning to the end.

ST AGNES’ music could be described as dirty and dense psychedelic rock undeniably reminiscent to The Doors and The Death Weather. Obvious intense chemistry between frontman/woman Kitty Arabella Austen and Jon James Tufnell spreads among the audience. If you want to have a new favorite discovery, do not miss this band.

SWMRS or Swimmers, another punk rock band from Oakland, California, which is also the home of Green Day. Therefore, it’s no surprise that two sons of Billy Joe Armstrong (frontman of Green Day) are in the band. Certainly, one of the “eggs” that was laid by Sex Pistols all over the world. They are a very energetic band that communicates well with the audience. Their frontman and one of the three guitarists, Cole Baker, are in constant dialogue with the audience, buzzing emotions, spreads punk rocks positive vibe, women are going crazy and then dancing and singing along until the very end. Stage-diving, pogo (with a respect to personal space), stomp. The rhythm is modern, the drummer is very tribal, nobody cares about the equipment and even without special effects you’ll go wild – we guarantee!

They are releasing a new album Berkeley’s on Fire on February 15th, 2019 at Fueled by Ramen. We have something to look forward to!

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