Six new names added to the Bergenfest line up!

The English folk-pop singer / songwriter Mike Rosenberg is probably better known to most by the artist name PASSENGER. In 2012 came the monster hit Let Her Go and PASSENGER experienced tremendous success around the world. At the time of writing, the song has 2.6 billion views on Youtube and over 1 billion streams on Spotify!

His last album, which is his tenth album release, came in May 2019 and we are looking forward to experiencing new and old songs when he brings along the guitar and the magic voice of Bergenfest again!

PASSENGER will play at Bergenfest on Wednesday 10th June.

With their mix of guitar-driven post-punk and danceable electro pop, Northern Irish band TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB caught the public’s attention in 2010 with the album Tourist History and singles like Something Good Can Work and Undercover Martyn.

There were early parallels to genre mates like Phoenix, Postal Service, Foals and The Wombats. With their do-it-yourself attitude, they signed with the French indie label Kitsuné. For a decade, the TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB has been touring the country and beach – and for the summer they are again out on the road with their new album False Alarm.

TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB will play Bergenfest on Friday 12th June.

Joan As Police Woman is one of the best musicians of the 21st century,” writes The Economist, praising the American musician Joan Wasser’s music project.

In her access to music, she mixes impressions from her major sources of inspiration: classic soul a la Al Green and Nina Simone, and experimental underground rock from artists such as Sonic Youth and Bad Brains. The result is elegant, but raw – vulnerable, but also powerful. In 2020, Joan goes on tour with the album and the tour “Cover Two”. We know that many look forward to her first visit to Bergen.

JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN will play Bergenfest on Wednesday 10th June.

JADE BIRD channels his character and creativity to music that Rolling Stone describes as “a young Londoner’s spin on modern Americana”, and which Jade herself calls “a kind of country, a kind of blues, a kind of pop and a kind of none of this”. Her debut shows a confident artist with a distinctive and passionate voice, where she mixes country, pop, folk and blues, revealing a songwriter with a melodic craft flair and a singer who is willing to push her instrument as far as possible.

JADE BIRD will play Bergenfest on Saturday 13th June.

The Boston-based quartet DARLINGSIDE is distinguished for its extraordinary use of the voice instrument. Often comparisons are drawn to the 1960s supergroups Crosby, Stills & Nash, Simon & Garfunkel and The Byrds. However, their love of sci-fi and speculative futurism ensures that they are not put in a retro pocket. The four friends write all music together, where ideas both musically and thematically are based on their own experiences. In addition, the quartet always performs their music around a single microphone. This to create create an organic and intimate feeling with the common strength of voices.

DARLINGSIDE will play Begenfest on Friday 12th June.

SPORTS TEAM embarks on the tour that will take the band to new heights. “The songs are written for the live format. This is where you need to hear them, in the first row, with most parts played wrong. And nobody does it better ”. The band are from different parts of England, and met while studying at Cambridge. Now based in Harlesden, West London, with a stock of well-produced tracks and a growing mass of fans, SPORTS TEAM is rightly referred to as one of the UK’s most exciting new rock bands.

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