Sigrid to close Pstereo Festival 2022!

Pop artist SIGRID has in a short time established herself as an international superstar with pop finesse. Most recently in August, she played in front of tens of thousands of hysterical fans at the twin festivals Leeds & Reading and live TV for the whole of the UK in October. She currently has over half a billion streams on Spotify, and is now returning to Trondheim and to close next year’s Pstereo festival.

One of my best festival experiences I’ve had on Pstereo – I love the city, so this is going to be completely raw!


When SIGRID played at Pstereo for the first time in 2017, organisers were so excited by the crazy show and her captivating performance that they booked her for the 2018 lineup immediately after the concert, and now she’s coming back to close Pstereo 2022!

When she was last here, her music had already taken deep roots in Norwegians’ hearts, and she had at the same time made a name for herself abroad – and especially in the British Isles. No wonder, perhaps, with a lot of nominations and awards in her luggage – in addition to the fact that she won the prestigious BBC award «Sound of 2018».

She has also released her first album, the debut “Sucker Punch” (2019), which not only gave her the Spellemann nominations album of the year and songwriter of the year, but also victory in the category pop artist and honorary Spellemann of the Year award.

As if that was not enough, she sailed with her debut album into first place on the VG list here at home, and into a fourth place on the British album list. With that, she became the first Norwegian female artist to end up on the British Official Charts list. What a merit!

She has consequently sold out arenas and tours in England, and her legendary Glastonbury gig in 2019 is still fresh in her memory. She has performed for tens of thousands of spectators at the Leeds and Reading festivals by this year.