Röyksopp confirmed as headliners for Bergenfest 2022

It tingles in the whole body when you imagine the atmosphere it will be when RÖYKSOPP ends Bergenfest 2022!

The country’s most successful electronic music duo has continued to give concerts and write new music, rumours have also been swirling for a while that something big is brewing in the RÖYKSOPP camp next year!

Exactly what it is, you will have to speculate for a while longer. What we can establish, however, is that the band plays at Bergenfest in June. As everyone knows, the duo have a habit of bringing guest artists like Karin Dreijer, Robyn and Susanne Sundfør who have all helped to make their mark on the rich RÖYKSOPP catalog. Who knows who shows up when they enter the stage next summer!?

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