Powerwolf confirmed for MetalFest Open Air 2023

Sunday’s dark metal mass, which was performed in PRAGUE last night by the German metal band POWERWOLF, burned into the hearts of all present an unbreakable sign of loyalty to their true metal faith. The ranks of their “believers” are expanding every day and with every album they release. Word got around and POWERWOLF promised their participation in METALFEST 2023! PLZEŇ, the Lochotín Amphitheater and all the fans there will witness their next spectacular metal show at the beginning of June (June 2nd-4th, 2023). Rejoice, the recruitment of souls continues!

Wolves promise again an extraordinary heavy-metal, dark mass with everything, including their forceful and really intense sermon! You will be dragged mercilessly into their dark, exciting, epic heavy-metal world. Preacher Atilla Dorn is vocally well trained for this and with his great band behind him and a large stock of hits, new and old tested ones, a perfect and unique audiovisual spectacle is again guaranteed. METAL IS RELIGION, confirm it with your participation in METALFEST 2023 in PILSEN!