Post-grunge Modest Mouse for the first time in the Czech Republic at Colors of Ostrava!

MODEST MOUSE – The cult icon of indie rock will perform for the first time in the Czech Republic at our festival.

One of the most original and impressive bands in the American post-grunge scene, who has reached the peaks of mainstream fame in the past, impressed with Float On, received a Grammy nomination and attracted an army of loyal fans around the world. But they has never been in a hurry and have only released six albums in the last thirty years. And now the seventh – The Golden Casket.

In the photos of MODEST MOUSE, they don’t look like someone who could preach to young people, let alone talk to them, so we should just make do with repeating old successful tricks? True, the times when they wanted to shoot down God from heaven and see a UFO, the famous frontman Isaac Brock probably has a unique lyric full of harshness, humour and nihilism, because he is now interested in radio frequencies, WiFi waves shining through our bodies and all those weird new technologies, the dictionary has changed a bit.

But when it comes to music, MODEST MOUSE stays firmly on the ground with guitar riffs of indie rock, albeit far more peeking at psychedelia and melodic pop. Which certainly doesn’t detract from their attractiveness, quite the contrary.

They come up with something new, maybe even unexpected, but at the same time they don’t want to get rid of everything old. In any case and take it, they still sound like a band, ready to turn their bloated concerts into an unforgettable event.