Pioneering DJ Sven Väth will be at Dour Festival 2020!

If the clichéd term “pioneer” can be applied to any electronic musician still on the circuit, it’s SVEN VÄTH, a pioneer of contemporary electronic music, who wears it exceedingly well. Long before SoundCloud, Myspace, Laurent Garnier or Underground Resistance, even before the internet, the German was already DJing. Having learned his trade in the clubs of Frankfurt in the early 1980s with a style blending disco and cold wave, VÄTH’s journey over the decades, from his trance period to his home in Ibiza, has subconsciously shaped the development of Germany’s electronic identity.

Spiritual voyages to Asia, a life based partly on asceticism (voluntary discipline of the body and mind in an attempt to strive for perfection)… rumours about the artist abound. But one thing is certain: the co-founder of the labels Eye Q and Harthouse and the booking agency Cocoon is in great shape and, at 55 years young, his techno sets are masterclasses in vinyl DJing.