Pearl Jam to headline the 51st Edition of Pinkpop Festival in 2021

PEARL JAM is coming to Landgraaf in 2021! On Sunday June 20th, the phenomenal band from Seattle will return to the Pinkpop stage to provide the 51st edition with a smashing ending. With that, the band joins the poster with RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS AND TWENTY ONE PILOTS, AS WELL AS A NUMBER OF GREAT DUTCH ACTS: KENSINGTON, DANNY VERA, FRENNA DELUXE, THE KIK WITH ORCHESTRA, JOOST, ARES, NONA, TEN TIMES A MILLION and now or never winner ELLE HOLLIS.

Guns N ‘Roses is unfortunately no longer coming to the 51st edition of Pinkpop.

It is the fourth time that Eddie Vedder and his friends come to have a rock party at Pinkpop without equal. The first PEARL JAM performance in Landgraaf, in the rain in 1992, was of an unprecedented intensity. Eddie’s public dive gave the group eternal Pinkpop fame. From that moment on, grunge had a firm grip on the Netherlands. PEARL JAM grew up under the magnifying glass of fans and critics and, to the surprise of many, developed into a valuable, steadfast and headstrong rock band. Eddie and his companions seemed infinitely older and wiser when they stepped up the Pinkpop stage in 2000. Sun-drenched this time, the Seattle group created a sleek, highly professional set.

They now have six studio albums to their name, and the Pinkpop performance has been immortalised as number 13 of the first 72 Official Bootlegs. It would then not be eight but eighteen years before PEARL JAM returned to Pinkpop. On Friday, June 15th, 2018, the band provided 70,000 people with the most beautiful sunset imaginable. De Volkskrant wrote about Eddie’s “feigned inspiration” – and it will be no less in 2021! From the classics of debut Ten to the songs of Gigaton released in late March 2020, you will hear them all when PEARL JAM is the headliner on Pinkpop Sunday. Anyone who knows Eddie, Stone, Mike, Jeff and Matt a little, knows that they do everything to close the festival weekend with fire!