Northside Denmark adds 21 new acts to the lineup!

The lineup for this year’s edition of NorthSide Festival has expanded with the addition of 21 local and international acts including THE AVALANCHES, MØ, TOM MISCH and NORA EN PURE.

The arrival of spring time means we’re one step closer to the summer’s return of music festivals – including NorthSide which will take place at the new festival site Eskelunden from June 2nd to June 4th.

Festival organisers have already announced a string of musical acts ranging from international heavy-weights NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS, DISCLOSURE and LEWIS CAPALDI over domestic heroes KASHMIR, MEW and THE MINDS OF 99 to the brand-new electronic stage ELECTRA and the future of great new stars like GIRL IN RED, TESSA, DREW SYCAMORE, JADA and CLARA. Now, all these categories are growing with the addition of 21 new names.

All the way from Australia, sample pioneers THE AVALANCHES joins the lineup with their most recent album We Will Always Love You. They’re accompanied by multi talent TOM MISCH who’s played a big role in making the South London music scene one of the most coveted, and US Americana-icon NATHANIEL RATELIFF & THE NIGHT SWEATS, notoriously known for their authentic live shows.

The pool of Danish artists is expanding with pop star , who just released a critically acclaimed new album, explosive live act SAVEUS, sunshine-infused hit machine SCARLET PLEASURE, Denmark’s new national orchestra JUNG, music collective CHEFF RECORDS and ALEX VARGAS. Also dance-rockers SPLEEN UNITED, folk-pop band JONAH BLACKSMITH, R&B crooner BURHAN G and guitarpop-wizard ASGER TECHAU has been added. Last but not least, the crowd at NorthSide gets the chance to see what tomorrow’s next generation of stars look like. Best known is wordsmith and hip hop phenomenon ARTIGEARDIT and songwriter ANDREAS ODBJERG, who’re accompanied by the bright new rap star FVN, R&B-artist MEKDES and the young gen-z pop-rock singer ROSEELU.

The new electronic stage ELECTRA sees the lineup completed with the addition of world-famous house DJ and producer NORA EN PURE, Scottish rising DJ LA LA and Danish progressive house act KRIS O’NEIL.

This year’s lineup once again reflects, what NorthSide is here to do: Invite international icons to Aarhus, celebrate both the popular and non-commercial music scene, and offer the spotlight to a handful of new artists that we believe will be the stars of tomorrow. However, the poster also reflects the hard time for music that these past two years have been. In the light of continuing difficulties for international artists touring in Europe, we’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to give back to the massive amount of Danish talents who’ve suffered under the restrictions on live events. The number 1 biggest priority for us this year has been to throw a festival again packed with live music without a high risk of cancellations. We hope that our audience will welcome this decision and celebrate the return of the festival with all its new initiatives like further actions towards a more sustainable festival, a new stage for electronic music, the art installation The Orb, and last but not least our big new festival site Eskelunden

Brian Nielsen, Festival Director