Black Pumas and Tide Lines confirmed for Bergenfest 2022

In 2019, just a few years after the BLACK PUMAS opened the doors to the concert halls for the first time, they were honoured with a Grammy nomination for Best New Band. Since then, there have been up to several, including this year’s album for the debut, “Black Pumas”.

Now the psychedelic soul band, led by songwriter and vocalist Eric Burton and producer and guitarist, Adrian Queseda, is visiting Bergen. The debut has been hailed in everything that can be hung on the peg for prestigious music press. Rolling Stone writes that singer Eric Williams has a tireless, energetic charisma. Pitchfork reports that the duo’s penchant for drama is so exuberant that they almost appear cinematic. The single “Colors” has been streamed over 100 million times, in addition, they have performed on “everything” found by Talkshow in the States.

Folk rock comedians TIDE LINES from the Scottish Highlands have distinguished themselves in their home country with their flashy songs that alternate between folk, rock and some electronics as spices. The quartet knows how to handle an all-singing chorus and two. TIDE LINES writes songs that in a concert context are suitable for getting the surface you are on to get a ride. The songs are packed with tempo, energy and are topped with indisputable anthem qualities. Here you just have to throw your hands up and accept what is served.

TIDE LINES’s latest album, “Eye of Storm”, climbed to the top tier of the UK album charts. In 2019, they were named “The Rising Sound of Scotland” by Nordoff Robbins Scottish Music Awards. It is something of an honorary title.