Mura Masa confirmed for Pohoda Festival in Slovakia

The recent Grammy award winning producer and multi-instrumentalist MURA MASA is going to perform at Pohoda 2019.

According to, he “showcases his minimalist, yet effective approach to UK trap music by combining the energy of electronic production and club culture with the rustic and organic sounds and timbres of traditional sample beatmaking”. Guernsey-born producer is the only artist who was nominated for Grammy Awards as the author of the music and art director of the recording package in the same year (debut Mura Masa). After its release, his hit “Lovesick” reached number 1 on the Spotify Viral charts both in the UK and the US. Its newer version featuring A$AP Rocky has been streamed almost 200 million times on this service.

In summer, MURA MASA is headlining Forbidden Fruit, Ireland, as well as BBC Radio 1 stage at Leeds Festival and will introduce visitors to his music at Pohoda’s 23rd edition, too.

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