More Jagermeister Stage additions for BLOODSTOCK Festival 2021

Have you got your BLOODSTOCK ticket yet? Now’s the time, as the remainder are moving fast! And here’s 15 more reasons not to miss the fun at Catton Park in August, BLOODSTOCK’s 5-day 20th birthday party. Who’s bringing the cake?

Definitely bringing heavy and/or metal to the Jagermeister Stage on Friday are sludge instrumentalists WALL (feat. twins Ryan & Elliot Cole of Desert Storm & The Grand Mall), Reading trio BLACK EMERALD, slap bass/drum duo ALE OF ADAM, doom/stoner crew GODLESS SUNS and HÄXAN, devotees of modern classic rock.

Joining them on Saturday’s Jager line-up are: alt metalheads ZOOKEEPER, THE NEW SUN (a solo project from Garganjua’s Scott Taylor), Middle Eastern doomsters LOWEN, instrumental heavy prog three-piece MOUNTAIN CALLER, and playing an additional stripped down set, power metal squad PRIMITAI (who play their full electric set over on the Sophie Stage on Friday).

Save a bit of head-bangin’ energy to go with your Jager shot though, because come Sunday, you won’t want to miss: bluesy hard rockers THE HOWLING TIDES,  prog beasts TRILOBITE, grindcore punkers BOYCOTT THE BAPTIST and GEMMA FOX, the vocalist from Collibus, not the grime singer!  

First timer at BLOODSTOCK? Welcome! Check out the vibe in store via the new trailer below: