Mercyful Fate headline day 2 of Hills of Rock 2022

The legendary band MERCYFUL FATE is the third headliner for HILLS OF ROCK 2022. The festival will take place on July 21, 22 & 23 at Plovdiv’s Rowing Canal and MERCYFUL FATE will smash the stage on July 22nd.

MERCYFUL FATE was founded in 1981 in Denmark by King Diamond & Hank Shermann. The band plays classic heavy metal with some progressive and 70s hard rock elements, combined with their epic falsetto & satanic lyrics. Adding the corpse paint – King Diamond’s black and white makeup, would make MERCYFUL FATE one of the most influential cult bands not only to loyal fans but to artists like Slayer, Metallica & Death.

In 2022, the band will play on several well-chosen concerts, and we are happy to share that Hills of Rock’s stage is among these.

So far, the three headliners are playing as it follows:
Day 1 – 21st July: SLIPKNOT
Day 2 – 22nd July: MERCYFUL FATE
Day 3 – 23rd July: SABATON

Organisers have also announced one new and two reconfirmed bands to join Hills of Rock 2022 – HEAVEN SHALL BURN, BEHEMOTH and TESTAMENT!

Hills of Rock Plodiv 2022 poster