Mastodon confirmed for Resurrection Fest 2022

Festival organisers finally have news and they can announce the final poster of the Resurrection Fest Estrella Galicia 2022!

It will be one of the most complete and balanced posters and, as you well know, lasting 5 days! In addition, they already have a date for the 1-day tickets after the returns and changes of tickets in recent weeks, so if you want one of them … attention!

For the last big gap that was missing they wanted to have a band that they love and that you have asked them many times in recent years. The band has released one of the albums of the year, and they never fail, they are MASTODON! The Americans will put the icing on the schedule on Saturday, and the lineup will also be joined by three more bands: THE RAVEN AGE, CICLONAUTAS and BOURBON KINGS!

Check out the line up in full!

Resurrection Fest 2022 poster