Kataklysm, Deserted Fear And Twilight Force join the Rockharz 2020 line up


Full speed ahead – ROCKHARZ 2020 may seem far away, but with every minute, their big family event is coming closer. In order for the anticipation to blow the current cold out of your bones, here are the next three bands for 2020:

Brutal, technically adept and infinitely catchy, Canadian band KATAKLYSM have delivered one milestone after another in over 20 years of band history. At live shows they make every hall and every field tremble, and if you don’t have classics like “Shadows And Dust” (2002) or “Serenity In Fire” (2004) on your shelf, you can hardly call yourself a Death Metaller. But the band that makes every neck vertebra crumble has also delivered enormous albums over the past years, for the last time with their chart success “Meditations”.  After 2015, they finally return to the Harz Mountains in 2020.

Apropos “sure-footed and deadly”: These guys from Thuringia have swept a good mouldy wind into the Death Metal scene in the past years … and distributed numerous bone splinters. At the beginning of the year, their next record “Drowned By Humanity” came out and showed once again that the scene develops fantastically in Germany. Look forward to classic Death Metal from DESERTED FEAR at ROCKHARZ 2020!

Founded in 2011, the Swedes of TWILIGHT FORCE have moved from the legendary Falun to international stages as a must-see Power Metal band in just a few years. The costumed journeymen have been role-players since their debut album “Tales Of Ancient Prophecies” (2014). At the latest since “Heroes Of Mighty Magic” (2016) they have been an integral part of the scene, and their latest hit “Dawn Of The Dragon Star” (2019) is one of the must-haves this year. With new songs in their luggage, they will come to the ROCKHARZ Open Air for the second time in 2020!