Greenfield Festival completes its 2022 line up!

Greenfield festival organisers are excited to have the following new acts confirmed for 2022:

WIZO – Since triumphing at the height of the nineties punk rock wave (legendary album: “UUAARRGH!”), WIZO rightly claims the position of the lively rock in punk rock after more than 30 years of success -Surf.

BARONESS – finally come to the stage of Greenfield Festival with their mixture of various musical styles, space and noise rock. BURNING WITCHES – the witches from Switzerland have been putting their occult stamp on the international metal world for five years. You are not only asserting yourself in a male domain; they ring in an urgently needed changing of the guard. Finally here in Interlaken too.

ALIEN WEAPONRY, DREAMSHADE and DOWN TO THE BUNKER will also rock the festival. These bands complete the line-up for the Greenfield Festival 2022.

At Greenfield Festival 2022, the “Shelter 666” will create a new theme world in the style of the Mad Max films and based on the example of the Wasteland Weekend in America. Festival goers can immerse themselves in this post-apocalyptic world and interact with it. Various games of chance with fictitious currency are encouraged in the casino tent (including roulette, blackjack, dice games, billiards, darts, shuffleboard, etc.). In addition, there is a camp with actors and vehicles in the “post – apo look”, regular show acts provide entertainment in between. In order to become part of the wasteland themselves, fans of hard music can have themselves prepared to match the scenery in the Warpaint tent. When the last concert in the evening has ended, the «Shelter 666» offers those who are not yet tired a fiery backdrop in which they can toast the end of days with a radioactive drink from the end of time.

Greenfield Festival 2022 final line up poster