First 15 names announced for the 2023 edition of Dour Festival!

Review of the first artists to be revealed, with the early names coming from the hip-hop side of things. At Dour, 2023 will sound out with the exclusive Belgian return of the unmissable French-rap playwright LOMEPAL to present his brand new album Mauvais Ordre and the icon ORELSAN, star kid of rap par excellence, author of 4 albums and subject of a documentary series. This will be a first appearance at Dour for TIAKOLA, the new revelation of French rap who is making the tickers go wild by dropping singles and features by the minute!

You’ll get a dose of emo-rap with the outsider US hip-hop of the future aka 070 SHAKE and the Swedish rapper YUNG LEAN, who rocks Gen Z with his mixtapes and various collaborations.

On the motorway to the buzz, take the 5th exit then straight ahead to DOUR! Focus on the electronic scene with the return of REZZ, favourite producer of the big names in EDM, who will deliver bass music as cold as it is brilliant. TRYM, whose set was one of the best moments of the 2022 edition, will be back for the next Dour. Our hearts are still beating to the rhythm of his hardtrance, techno and acid tunes. Dour has booked the German duo BRUTALISMUS 3000 making gabber meets with post-punk as well as the brilliant HUDSON MOHAWKE, Warp’s flagship DJ, who is making a triumphant return this year with his new album Cry Sugar, which will rock us with kicks and arpeggiators. Don’t forget to fasten your seatbelts before going straight to the sets of Tunisian queen CERA KHIN and Sweden’s SPFDJ, both experts in hardcore and hard trance techno.

Finally, Dour 2023 will see the reunion of PHOENIX, icons of a whole generation, who will present his collection of hits as well as his new album Alpha Zulu! Inflated with gazpacho, LA FEMME will come back to dazzle you with Teatro Lúcido, an album sung in Spanish where the psyche-rock meets flamenco, paso doble and traditional guitar. Also appearing will be CARIBOU, whose music is as beautiful, majestic and rare as the deer from which he takes his name Rock, UK garage, disco, trap, pop, indie, unclassifiable!

A new stage! A new stage! A new stage?!! A new rock stage – Yeah! Next summer, Dour will host the new little shrine to guitars, with a capacity of just 1,000. Wanna headbang, mosh and listen to rock, metal, garage or punk? The Garage is just the place for you. Raise the metal door, Dour is plugging in overdrives and flangers!