David Guetta to headline Barcelona Beach Festival 2019

DAVID GUETTA has played a pivotal role in turning dance music into the chart-topping juggernaut it is today. His impact has been impossible to ignore, or to underestimate. He can be considered among the elite group of super-producers whose sound is synonymous with an era – such as Trevor Horn, Rick Rubin or Dr Dre.

With his landmark new album, Listen, DAVID GUETTA is announcing the end of that era – and signposting the way to the next. The electronic-dance-music (EDM) sound he pioneered rules the world. A surging, smiley fun-gasm that rose the same time as the world economy crashed, EDM gave pop culture a huge shot of optimism and escapism. But, ever the tastemaker, DAVID GUETTA is ahead of the curve.

I needed to create a new sound. Music is all about cycles, about action and reaction, and there has been a reaction to EDM becoming the new pop. Listen is completely different to anything I’ve done before.

David Guetta

‘Listen’ is a sophisticated, varied and emotional collection of classic songs. It’s not all peaks and pool parties – there are moments of uncertainty and introspection – though, this being a DAVID GUETTA album, it still sounds like a good time.

And on the 13th July 2019 DAVID GUETTA will take the stage at Barcelona Beach festival!

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