Christoper, L.O.C. & Jacob Dinesen confirmed for Jelling Festival 2019

There are three artists with both charm, self-confidence and nice hair, which are added to the 2019 Jelling Music Festival line up CHRISTOPHER, L.O.C. and JACOB DINESEN.

Today’s additions to the 2019 poster are experienced gentlemen on the Danish music scene. They each represent a musical genre, namely the rock in the form of comet JACOB DINESEN, the doll in the form of charming CHRISTOPHER and not least the Danish rap entertainer LIAM O’CONNER – better known as L.O.C.

Denmark’s uncrowded pop king – CHRISTOPHER, who in 2017 took a break from all his social channels for 6 months, is now ready to take back the Danish live scenes again and that of course also means a look towards the Jelling Music Festival in 2019!

With three album releases and 15 official singles – all sold either gold or platinum – CHRISTOPHER has manifested his talent and taken the position as one of the country’s biggest pop musicians. Throughout the past three years, CHRISTOPHER has seriously taken his career abroad, especially in Asia, where he has been getting impressive results.

LIAM O’CONNER – better known as L.O.C., is one of the biggest names in the Danish music scene. His popularity has been steadily growing since he debuted with the album “Dominology” in 2001.

There’s has been rumours about new material from LIAM O’CONNER and now the rapper has announced that a new album will be released in the spring of 2019 – and when he broadcasts his new album, it will be 5 years since his last full length, “Sakrilegium”, came to the street.

A live concert with L.O.C. – rapper, artist and entertainer with big E – is a guarantee of good sound, lots of bass and not least musical entertainment on the top level. The last time L.O.C. played in Jelling was in 2017, where the rapper played a fantastic concert.

In 2017 JACOB DINESEN came out of nowhere and conquered the Danish venues and not least hit-lists. There were 100 concerts where all indoor shows were sold out. 2017 thus became a year when JACOB DINESEN really got his name fixed and got a huge fan base as a result.

In 2018, JACOB DINESEN played for the first time at the Jelling Music Festival – a praised and acknowledged concert from the young musician with the big voice. In 2019, JACOB DINESEN and his band are once again set to play Jelling Festival where the audience will get another opportunity to experience the charismatic songs.

The Jelling Music Festival 2019 is held in Kr. Himmelfart on the 29th to 31st May & 1st June 2019.