British singer with a stunning voice, Sam Ryder confirmed for Colors of Ostrava 2022

SAM RYDER is said to look like a Viking, but sings like an angel.  And next year organisers are looking forward to hearing it at Colors of Ostrava!

All his life he longed to be a singer, but he placed such high demands on himself that he actually slowed himself down. During the lockdown, however, the Essex native traded perfectionism for relaxation and published videos of home-sung covers on TikTok, which won the great favor of Justin Bieber, Sii, Alicia Keys, Elton John and millions of listeners overnight thanks to his stunning voice and spontaneous service.

The unknown singer then became the most popular British artist at TikToku in 2020. He signed a contract with Parlophone and began his rising star career by releasing successful singles Whirlwind, Tiny Riot or More composed by renowned composers.

Sam, who has spent most of his life playing in metal bands and singing in his own coffee shop, has finally had a dream success culminating in his first European tour, when I am supposed to expect “moments of pure joy and floods of tears” from Sam.