American indie rock singer Phoebe Bridgers confirmed at Colors of Ostava 2022

Colours of Ostrava organisers are very pleased to reaffirm American indie rock singer PHOEBE BRIDGERS, who is one of the fastest growing names on the world stage today.

Her impressive and lyrically stunning songs wash with tenderness with violence, dreaming with vigilance and romance with fear of what comes, but also a kind of ironic rejection of the future as a matter of course, outlined, for example, in the captivating song I Know the End: “I read on the billboard : The end is near. I turned around and there was nothing there. Yeah, so the end is really here.

She recalls American folk rock of the 60’s, with the occasional dreamy whisper of Elliott Smith, whom she sincerely admires, but her melodic indie rock songwriting is no retro, rather a world to herself, admirably grown up for the singer’s twenty-six years and turning into the unfiltered a commentary on the state of society in the midst of a political-social apocalypse. It is no wonder, then, that everyone is highlighting Punisher’s second album to heaven and likening Phoebe to a master of the silent devastation lost in a world of kind souls groping in the dark after related contact.

I want to listen to music where no one will ever say exactly how I should feel. And then I listen to the music and I say to myself: “Yeah, they hit the nail on the head“. I hope to offer something similar to my listeners, says Phoebe, one of today’s most distinctive rock singers, despite her disbelief in what is to come, the fearless star of the future.