Yungblud confirmed for Open’er Festival Poland 2021!

Dominic Richard Harrison, known as YUNGBLUD, broke into the music scene like a firecracker. Released in 2018, the debut “21st Century Liability” instantly gave him recognition on an international scale, and his distinctive, inspired by rock and hip-hop style gave him legions of admirers. It was the bond that formed between the artist and his listeners that became the basis for last year’s EP “The Underrated Youth”. “My fans are still telling me amazing stories that they had to go through – like coming out in front of their parents or changing sex.

“With each day, every concert, every next news in this EP it was less about me and more about this multitude of people who want to fight for everything we believe in” said the 22-year-old artist who will appear at the festival on the 2nd July 2021.