Wolfmother and more added to Pstereo Festival 2020 in Norway

Australian hard rock giants WOLFMOTHER, Bible Belt’s gentle bumblebees HONNINGBARNA and super talented SKAAR are ready for Pstereo festival 2020!

Since the self-titled debut album from 2005, WOLFMOTHER has delivered riff riffs on the upside, and is one of the bands in the retro rock stable that has really managed to maintain the ’70s gold standard wrapped in new costume, record after disc. It’s easy to mention the band in the same breath as leading heroes like both Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull, and occasionally Black Sabbath. With rocky references at the bottom, WOLFMOTHER has ingeniously managed to reinvent the powder.

When the Australian trio left the world at their feet in mid-2000, they quickly gained entry as the hairy rock benefactors. In the 2004-2006 time span, as many as eight of the band’s songs were included in the Hottest 100 list for the Australian radio channel triple j. At the same time, the first record garnered good reviews from publications such as Pitchfork, Entertainment Weekly, and NME, as well as climbing on both the UK Albums Chart and the Billboard 200 in the US.

With the debut sequel “Cosmic Egg” (2009), the band should not diminish less with the rock muscles, leaving behind something that as much as the debut can recall a tribute to an era – while maintaining their modern and distinctive looks. Fast forward to 2014 and the release of “New Crown,” and the band manages – despite nearly zero marketing and promo jobs after releasing the album for their own machine – to land on both the Billboard 200, Hard Rock Albums, Independent Albums, and Top Rock Albums list in the US.

When the album “Victorious” came out in 2016, the band managed to show that they are seemingly invincible when it comes to sustaining the retro rock genre without encountering quality bankruptcy, well over a decade since they made success with their broad-legged curly rock.

And it is when you watch the band live that their material really comes to their own, with bold and well-composed riffs, howling vocals and everything that was both fifty years ago and is shameful to this day.

Hold on tight! One of Norway’s decidedly roughest live bands – if not the very best – is finally returning to the festival! Eight years after the title of Horticulture, HONNINGBARNA have really consolidated their position as Norway’s best punk band. Loaded with powerful, community-engaged lyrics expressed through the wall of sound and extremely extroverted stage existence. No one can stand still when the HONNINGBARNA are driving.

In 2019, they will once again take Norway by storm, with the hard-core single King Kong Justice!

SKAAR has recently emerged as one of the most interesting artists in indie pop! With as many as three singles on P3’s A-list, music for the movie Battle and with over 7 million streams on the debut single “Higher Ground” on Spotify, this is nothing short of a head start on the career.