Werchter Boutique 2020 line up is now complete

The Werchter Boutique Festival is having a good time this year, with headliner TAYLOR SWIFT as well as ELLIE GOULDING and 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER. Three toppers that were announced a while ago. Today, the poster is further supplemented with homegrown hit parade heroes: BAZART, PREGNANT GUY, LOÏC NOTTET and BRIHANG.

Werchter Boutique 2020 will be opened in West Flanders by BRIHANG (12:45 pm to 1:15 pm). A word artist who brings poetry to people from / from the 21st century. “Steentje” and “Rommel” are the sing-alongs of today. LOÏC NOTTET (1.45 pm – 2.15 pm) is a complete artist who excels in every aspect of the profession. It makes him loved in Flanders and Wallonia, and a God in France! The catchy singles “On Fire” (2019) and “Heartbreaker” (2020) are the tasters of a new album SILLYGOMANIA. PREGNANT GUY (2.45 pm – 3.35 pm) is the rap king of Brussels and a man of great weight within the national hip hop community. He has had a great year with two (!) Top albums, seven MIA nominations, impressive passages in the AB, magnificent at Rock Werchter.

The Australians 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER (4:15 PM to 5:15 PM) bears the sun in its name. Among other things, “She looks so perfect”, “Don’t stop”, “Teeth” and “Youngblood” are great sing-alongs. Album four from 5SOS is in the pipeline. BAZART (5:55 pm to 6:55 pm) breaks through in 2015 with the instant classic ‘Gold’. Since then the trio has written a great story in Belgian pop music and their newest single “Maanlicht” (2019) is another record breaker: their longest noted #1 in Ultratop.

ELLIE GOULDING (7:45 pm – 9:00 pm) is one of the leading ladies of British pop. ELLIE GOULDING makes sparkling and danceable sing-along music that is also about something and her special soprano voice completes everything. “Burn”, “How long will I love you”, “Outside” (with Calvin Harris) and “Love me like you do” (from the soundtrack of “Fifty Shades of Gray”) are her biggest hits in Belgium.

Headliner TAYLOR SWIFT (10:00 PM – 12:00 AM) is a true phenomenon. She is a singer, musician, songwriter, producer. She is a woman of many hits, of impressive figures and statistics, of countless awards. The arrival of TAYLOR SWIFT to Werchter Boutique is special for more than one reason, because of her status and because it was a long time ago since she played Vorst Nationaal in 2011!

Werchter Boutique 2020 final poster