Viktor Leksell joins the Findings Festival 2021 line up!

The Swedish 24-year-old makes his first Findings Festival visit in September this year!

The young boy from Gothenburg has gained tremendous speed towards the starry sky during 2020. His debut album “Capture me when I fall” came in June, and, on the record, we got pearls such as “Tappat”, “Klär av dig” and last but not least certainly not least “Weak”.  The latter has rounded up as many as 140,000,000 streams on Spotify, which has made it the most played Swedish-language song on the platform (with a margin of over 50 million). The song, which was originally released in January, has dominated the charts in both Norway and Sweden since then, and still does – almost 1.5 years later.  And when we talk about “Weak”, we can not avoid mentioning the goosebumps-inducing duet the Swedish shooting star did with another Findingsaktuell artist, namely Astrid S. In connection with Christine Dancke’s radio festival on P3, the two artists met at Svinesundsbrua.

Organisers are really looking forward to the all-singing atmosphere when the Swedish star unites with the Norwegian audience at Bislett Stadium