Torment, Lagerstein, SOiL & more added to Wacken Open Air 2019

Today we serve you one of the oldest German Thrash Metal bands as well as two Wacken premieres and a colourful metal package to boot!

Welcome back for the seventh time! TORMENT from Hamburg are always guaranteed to kick some serious ass with fines German Thrash mixed up with just a little bit of Rock’n’Roll. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

See that pirate ship on the horizon? That’s no other than LAGERSTEIN coming all the way from Australia. Armed to the teeth with beer bongs, Cptn. Gregarrr and his Power Metal gang are always looking for the next party. They came to the right place, we’d say!

For more than SOIL have been a mainstay of the modern hard rock scene. Favorites such as „Unreal“ or „Like It Is“ not only get the banging area in your club of choice going, on stage these riffs and groove are even more powerful.

After their exceptional performance at Wacken 2016 asking ELUVEITIE to come back for round two was simply a no brainer. Currently the Swiss Folk Metal musicians are working on their new record and can hardly wait to hit the stage again.

Death Metal, Old School, Sweden – that’s all you gotta know when it comes to VAMPIRE. Their latest record „With Primeval Force“ was a masterful raw slab of music that especially live simply slays the pit. This is gonna be brutal!

If you like cool Punk’N’Roll (and nevermind the german lyrics) you should definitely check KAIZAA out. After a successful tour supporting Hämatom they are ready for a big year in 2019 and will prove that during their first time in Wacken.