Top DJ Martin Garrix confirmed for Colours of Ostrava 2020

One of the greatest personalities of contemporary electronic music will conclude this year’s festival. The young producer, who is constantly pushing the limits of dance music, has been named the world’s best DJ three times in the past four years, and has made billions of plays – MARTIN GARRIX!

If you want to study at the school of magic and magic for DJs, you have to know everything about it! For example, in 2013, at the age of 17, he sent the track Animals into the world, an enormously intense party hat that is now familiar to all Earthlings, regardless of age and taste. The video, which is dominated by a flammable dance floor with a furious pack of beasts, now reports far over 1 billion views and hearings. Young Dutch DJ and producer MARTIN GARRIX is one of the few who truly determine the future of the dance scene.

Despite becoming day-to-day DJ number one (DJ Mag awarded him first place three times in a row in the prestigious Top 100 DJs ranking), he never personally stopped for a second. He continued to develop, studied music production at a specialised academy and, above all, never forgot where it came from, his true roots. In 2016 he founded his own label STMPD RCRDS (named after his dad’s stamp shop), and dedicated himself to discovering new talents of dance music – to those who started or are just starting out as he did years ago.

There are so many amazing talents out there. I want to provide them with a platform, as well as have the freedom to release exactly the music I want.

Martin Garrix

The modest superstar of dance music will perform at Colors of Ostrava for the first time in 2020!