Tones and I, Meute and The Hatters join the Colours Of Ostrava line up!

Electro pop hitmaker from Byron Bay beach. It has not long been the case that someone has put together catchy electro pop songs, just released them into the air, and before he could snap his fingers, they became an absolute hit in the charts of twenty-two countries. The tidal wave of the massive success of Dance Monkey and Johnny Run Away could hardly be missed, and the only one who is still reluctant to believe this giant hype is Toni Watson, the songwriter and singer, who calls herself TONES AND I.

Russian Gypsy Punk Folk Street Alco-hardcore – THE HATTERS! Russian response to Gogol Bordello by theater, romantic, punk and Balkan lovers. When you tell them, they won’t be angry, just get ready to enter THE HATTERS into an even crazier, musically furious, crazy humor of a shaking world with a giant balalaika and with all known and unknown Eastern symbols in which everything is actually possible, because… in short Russian style without rules: we all like to drink and talk!

Techno Marching Band that nobody thought would ever exist. MEUTE‘S recipe for stunning success is simple, but it’s harder to put into practice: eleven brass, drummers, and marimba players ride the hypnotic electro rhythms of techno and house with precision until the head takes it.