Thy Art is Murder, Ahab & Higher Power play Summer Breeze 2019

To all fans of proper deathcore, listen up! THY ART IS MURDER will be part of SUMMER BREEZE 2019!

Thy Art is Murder play Summer Breeze 2019

Their birthplace of New South Wales didn’t have much to offer to these kids in terms of leisure, so they decided to practice their instruments instead. Since their formation in 2006 the Australians have left a bloody trail of destruction in our seemingly safe world. CJ, Andy & Co. cemented their rise with each consecutive album, making a good name for themselves in the worldwide metal scene. THY ART IS MURDER have a monopoly on sheer brutality, burning hatred and the means to channel all this flawlessly. Don’t miss your chance to encounter this elemental force on stage in Dinkelsbühl and to be abused by these Australians!

Nautical doom metal in the house! Down to the depths of the oceans we go once again with our dear AHAB!

Ahab play Summer Breeze 2019

So far, the Stuttgart-based noble funeral doom band managed to convince the audience at each of their SUMMER BREEZE appearances, so we can expect the full service in terms of slowness and heaviness again in 2019. Their riffs will cover the festival site like a thick, heavy blanket, no one will be able to escape their massive sound eruptions. Welcome to a dark world full of heaviness and sorrow!

We don’t necessarily have hardcore bands from Leeds at SUMMER BREEZE every year. So it makes us all the happier to announce HIGHER POWER.

Higher Power play Summer Breeze 2019

Besides the riffs and jumpy parts typical for the genre, the young British band have an added bonus: a singer reminiscent of the good old HC bands from yesteryear. With his slightly melodic/whiny vocals he gives the tracks a special touch – while the band’s stage action will do the rest to keep all of you entertained at SUMMER BREEZE 2019. Check ’em out!