Three Wacken veterans behind the eighth door

Two of today’s bands were founded in 1990 just like Wacken Open Air festival, while the third one has been active since 1985. Today belongs to the veterans accordingly. And here they are:
SKYCLAD are an integral part of the history of both Folk Metal and W:O:A and we look forward to the band’s return. Recently they visited Wacken for the Wacken Winter Nights, now it’s time to return to the big brother of our winter festival.

In the past 28 years, SKYCLAD played hundreds of shows – both electric and acoustic – all across Europe and released 12 critically acclaimed LPs plus several EPs and compilation albums. After a period of less activity in the early and mid 2010s, the band’s 13th studio album was released in April 2017 via Listenable Records. Titled ‘Forward Into The Past’, the LP marks the return of guitarist Dave Pugh to SKYCLAD’s line-up as a permanent member.

DIE KASSIERER is a legendary German punk rock band who are known for strange lyrics and unbelievably funny performances. They invite you to a morning pint in our infield in 2019 – an invitation you shouldn’t turn down easily.

Thrash and Death are the essence of THE CROWN, who last visited us in 2003. The Swedes have released a new album this year, Cobra Speed Venom, which shows the band in top form and full of joy. Don’t miss them!